Sunday, August 28, 2011

#100/100 Window

This photo was originally published on YB Poetry blog in June 2011. All other photos--the ones taken by me--I've posted here were created for this blog, or images from my personal albums that had not been published or posted in any lit zine or my other blogs prior to their appearance in this space. All prose pieces and poems posted here are original materials, though some parts have or will find their way in my other writing.

I'm using this image for my #100 post because it was one of the first photos I shot after moving into my current apartment. I took it on my second night of living here, a few days before I started the 100 Days 2011 project. I didn't have a proper desk yet, and my piano was still at my old place. For those who know me in real life, on Facebook or from my personal blog, you know that my recent life has been a little 'rocky' in practical terms. Which means I've spent a lot of time alone, in my solitary space, not knowing what the days would have in store for me.

I still don't know what happens next. Things always turn, sometimes at a frustratingly slow pace; unless, of course, you're one of those folks bound up in unfortunate constraints which you have little chance of breaking. That is the truth for many people. For all the not-so-good times I've lived in this life, I'm not fucked. I write, take some pictures, and write.

Pace is an illusion I'm learning to live with. This blog for the 100 Days project was my focus for much of the last three months. Instead of pulling my hair out at the edge of an imaginary abyss, on most days I sat down to create something. It reminded me what I'm here for: to be an artist. Without such conviction, I could have drowned.

So, here's a big and heartfelt Thank You to those who've been following this blog and left kind comments on my work. Really, thank you.


  1. Nicolette, I was so happy when you signed on as a fellow fictionauter and a writer of edgy and intense work. I loved the photos just as much and was glad to be on this project with you. Keep going!

  2. life keeps on, whether we want it to or not...

    I will be in HK area in October if you are settled enough/want to meet up e-mail me on

  3. Hey! I found this via Dorothee's Twitter newspaper! :) I love this shot. I have been just vicarious on 100 days but love what you all have been doing. :)

  4. Another great photograph, Nicolette. I've enjoyed your work during this project, hope to see more in time.